Digital Photography for Beginner - 3 Simple Tips for Beginner Photographer

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Almost all people around the world likes to take a picture in every occasion.
Weddings, birthday, party, traveling, etc.
But not all people can make good picture.
With the fast photography technology development, digital camera price getting cheaper over time.
Now the DSLR (Digital SLR) camera became more affordable, and this DSLR can produce better image quality compared to the "point and shoot" pocket camera.

Below is some tips for beginner photographer that has just own a DSLR.
Hopefully this tips will be useful for you.

Holding the Camera

Holding a DSLR is different from holding a point and shoot camera. Because a DSLR is much bigger and bulkier.
If you not properly hold it, your picture can become blurred because of camera shake.
So, here's some tips:
- Hold the camera with both of your hands.
- Right hand hold the right side of the camera, and left hand is holding from below the camera to support the camera and to turn the lens.
- If you feel like shaking or need some stability, lean against something, a wall, fence, desk, etc.
- Press the shutter button calmly, don't harsh, cause it can make your camera shake and your picture become blurred.

ISO Setting

Use lower ISO if you have sufficient light, and use higher ISO if the light is dim or insufficient, but your image will appear more "grainy".
Lower ISO produce smoother picture but need more light than higher ISO.
Higher ISO produce more "grainy" picture but need less light than lower ISO.

Lighting Time

If you photographing landscape, you must remember that the best times for photographing landscape, architecture or outdoor portraits is early morning or early evening.
Some photographer called that time "golden time moment".
The light is great at that time.

Ok, that's some little tips for you.
And if you want to learn further about digital photography, there's some link below that you may want to take a look.
The site provides good eBooks and a monthly eMag to learn more about digital photography.

Here's the link:
- Digital Photography Success