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My name is Kurniawan.
I'm the author of this blog.

It's been around one month since I setup this blog in December 2010, until I realize then in January 2011 that I haven't put some info about me in this blog. :p
Actually, at the first time I want to name this blog "", but the address has been taken by somebody else. So I just remove the "s", became "".
It's rather weird for the words "tips" without "s", but I guess it's still ok.

I lived in Indonesia, and I'm not a professional or expert photographer.
I learned photography since the year 2000, and it is self-taught.
When I started learning photography I still use the 35mm film. I spent a lot of film that day to shoot this and that. And my first SLR is Nikon FM10 with 35-70mm lens kit. It's a very great SLR.

In 2005, I buy DSLR that known as Nikon first DSLR, Nikon D70. And I also use Canon PowerShot SX100 IS and Kodak EasyShare C143.
Since DSLR era, It's a lot of cost saving for me, because I don't have to buy a lot of film anymore. Still, sometimes I still miss the film SLR

How I Started This Blog

Around the year 2010, there's a booming trend of DSLR. The DSLR price getting cheaper and the quality is quite good. It is make a lot of people buying DSLR. A few years back I rarely seen people bring SLR/DSLR hanging around their neck walking on the street. But right now, I saw it almost in every place I go, on the street, on the bridge, in the mall, in the traditional market, even when eating in the restaurant too, and many more. And they are mostly not a professional or expert photographer. It means a lot of people start to get interesting in DSLR, and they want to take a better picture quality, more professional picture.
Some of my friends start getting DSLR too.

So, when I think of that, I want to try to share my knowledge in my free time, and try this "blogging" thing.
And that's how I started this blog.
I'll try to keep updating this blog in my free time.

Best regards,