Some Things You Need To Know Before Taking a Picture

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Taking a picture is a fun activity. All people around the world loves to take pictures.
If you go on a holiday, you can capture all your full day activity.
It's so much fun.
But, besides all the fun, you surely want that all the picture that you take is good.
So, here's some things that you need to know to help you taking a good picture.

Know your tools

You need to know what your tools capable of and how to use it efficiently.
What is your camera ISO range, what is the speed range. For the lens, what is the maximum and minimum aparture.
The more you know about your tools, the more efficient you can use it.
You may also need to prepare tripod for slow speed shooting, or flash light when you need additional light source.
If it's rainy season you may need to prepare plastic bag to cover your camera.

Choose the best time

If you want to take landscape view, you need to know that the best time to take landscape picture is early in the morning (around 6-9 AM) and early evening (around 4-6 PM). At that time the lighting condition and the lighting angle is good. It's possible for you to get beautiful picture at that time range.

Composition and angle

Arrange and compose the picture well before taking a shoot, the lighting angle, the background, the object placement, subject pose, etc. Consider to use unusual angle to make your picture unique and interesting.
Don't forget to check your light meter too, so your picture won't be over expose or under expose.
Use the "Rule of Thirds" to help you composing your picture. The "Rule of Thirds" is the most common composition rule in photography.

Lastly, do your shooting calmly, don't harsh.

Hope this writing will be useful for you.

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