Choosing DSLR Lens

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If you already have a good DSLR camera, you will need a good lens that suits your photography needs.
Digital SLR lenses come in various shapes and sizes, and also vary massively in price.
Some lens are built for the professional photographer that have a lot of specific needs and others are built just for the everyday snapshot photographer.
So, which lens that will suit your needs ?

There are 5 steps that I will mention here to help you find the lens that will suit your needs.

Brand of Your DSLR

Before we go to the 5 steps, depends on the brand of your DSLR, you need to look for lens with the same brand. Why ?
Because lenses are not interchangeable.

A Nikon lens will not work for Canon camera, and vice versa. What makes the lens are not interchangeable is the "lens mount". The lens mount is the point of connection between a lens and your digital SLR.
Each camera brand has it's own lens mount design, that's why it's not interchangeable. Keep this in mind when later you want to get a lens from a third party manufacturer (I'll write about this later).

5 Steps To Choose The Lens

 1. Choose focal length
 2. Prime Lens (Fix Lens) or Zoom Lens
 3. Choose maximum aperture
 4. First or third party lenses
 5. Extra features in the lens

Continue to Step 1 - Choose Your Focal Length.
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